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Tim Duncan Scores on the Congressional Record


June 30, 2005 – Delegate Donna M. Christensen Thursday joined representatives of San Antonio in sponsoring a resolution congratulating the San Antonio Spurs and Virgin Islander Tim Duncan for winning the 2005 National Basketball Association Championship last week.
"With the Spurs' third national victory and St. Croix's own Timmy Duncan being named the championship series Most Valuable Player for the third time, I thought it was only fitting to join in the resolution. The victory is as much a victory for the Virgin Islands as it is for San Antonio," Christensen said.
In a press release, Christensen said she has known Duncan since he was a teenager, as he was a classmate of her daughter. "It has been a pleasure to watch his rise in the NBA," she said. "I have attended several of his games, including the championship game against the Knicks and his last Wake Forest game." Christensen continued. "We are proud of him, he is a great role model for our children, and our whole office has seized bragging rights." she said.
"Tim Duncan continues to be a world class athlete and a gentleman on and off the court. It is only fitting that we honor his accomplishments," Christensen concluded.


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