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V I RC&D Supplements Classroom Text with Fun, Informative Materials


July 14, 2005 – According to a press release from The Virgin Island Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., it is again offering environmental education materials to students, teachers, camp counselors, youth groups, and parents in the Virgin Islands. Four the past four years, VI RC&D has endeavored to increase V.I. youths' understanding and awareness of natural resources by providing environmental materials and information dealing with the conservation of soil, water, plants, and animals. The materials are available to both public and private schools and youth groups throughout the territory. These publications are meant to supplement classroom instruction.
The booklets and materials are geared toward students from 2nd through 8th grades, but can be easily modified to suit other grade levels. Materials currently available include:
· The Living Ocean
· Water Cycle Poster
· Water: A Splash in Class
· Search for Soil
· It All Starts with Soil
· Soil Story
· Wonders of the Soil
· Habitat Heroes
· Habitat Network
· How to Plant A Tree
· Trees and Me
· Tree Lab
· Earth's Bright Future
· People, Places and Me
· Fun Food Facts
· Field to Fridge
· A Wild World
· Share the Water
· Water Connection
People and Places: Neighbors with Nature
VI RC&D informs us that this project was made possible through a grant from the U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service. For more information on their programs or to receive free copies of the above publications, please contact the VI RC&D Office at 692-9632 ext. 5.


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