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Passing of Chi-Chi Heywood


My name is Emerson Simon and I live in New Jersey, but I grew up in St.
Croix. When I heard the sad news about Ms. Heywood my heart got
heavy. As a young boy growing up in St. Croix, I met Ms. Heywood
at the islands first installation of the Summer Enrichment
Program (SEP) when the curriculum center was downtown and being
run by Sonja Christian. I enrolled in her media program where we
learned about radio and video production. I can still remember
when I did my very first "live" broadcast. She was right there
holding my hand and giving me the cues for when I needed to do the
station identification and how to cross-fade the mixer and cue up
the records for the intros. I also fondly remember her video
production classes where we would go out and shoot stories all
over the island, and then she would teach us how to edit the video
and add different features. These early days established my
lifelong love for video production and disc jockey work. Looking back
now, I remember what a dedicated person she was and how much
energy and excitement she always brought to any situation. We
went a lot of places together that summer, and she helped open my
eyes to so much in terms of my career choices and generally
having FUN at what you do. She loved to do what she did! I have
always felt that when the Virgin Islands finally inaugurated a female
governor that it would be Ms. Heywood.
Later, as she started taking on a more active role in the
political arena, I still remember the rallies she would hold
(sometimes by herself) in the Water Gut area pavilion on her
megaphone. Every time I saw her, she remembered little old me, and,
of course, I never forgot her. I only wish that I had stayed in
contact with her through the years. She was incredible! She has
impacted my life in a TREMENDOUS way and I am sure she also
impacted the lives of everyone she touched. She was truly a
blessed soul and I am sure that in heaven she is already making
her presence known 🙂
Rest in Peace 'Chi-Chi'
Humbly and Respectfully submitted by,
Emerson Simon
(student SEP class of 79? 80?')
New Jersey


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