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DOL Receives Vision of Excellence Award


July 22, 2005 – Commissioner Cecil R. Benjamin said today that the Virgin Islands Department of Labor has received the 2005 Vision of Excellence Award from the United States Department of Agriculture Graduate School.
According to the commissioner, this award is an incentive award designed to encourage improvement in performance, standards and government services. This was an award that recognized the department's progress over the past two and a half years in many areas, such as improving staff training and being an advocate for change.
"We are pleased to be recognized with this symbol of distinction by an impartial, neutral and professional establishment. I commend and praise all of the employees of VIDOL for this signal recognition," said the commissioner. "Because of the dedication of the employees to government service, perseverance in getting the job done and creativity in doing more with less, we have made exemplary strides in improving our services, staff training, upgrading the facilities and procedures and proposing legislation to improve and strengthen our labor laws. All of these were accomplished despite being understaffed, under funded and under-paid," Benjamin added.
VIDOL is committed to continuously improving its processes and the way it does business. It encourages the public to visit its website at www.vidol.gov and share ideas on how the department can better serve the community.
For more information about the Vision of Excellence Award program, contact the Department of Finance, Office of the Commissioner.


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