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FYI: Senator Liston Davis Wants Crosswalks Painted


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Chair of the Legislative Committee on Education, Culture & Youth, Senator Liston Davis, called on the Department of Public Works to avail itself of the summer break to prepare for the return of our students to begin the new school in a safe environment, by painting the pedestrian crosswalks in the vicinity of the schools or by installing additional crosswalks where necessary.
"I am calling on the Department of Public Works to take immediate action to create a safe environment for both our school children as well as the school crossing guards who often have to navigate them across our roads and highways where crosswalks are poorly designated because of fading paint or completely non-existent due to a lack of proper planning," said Senator Liston Davis.
The Chair of the Education Committee said, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget has proclaimed that because of unexpected revenues, departments and agencies have been recipients of almost their entire allotments, so funds should be available to the Department of Public Works to increase the safety afforded our children on the way to and from school.
"Certainly, clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks and more pedestrian crosswalks in strategic locations, would in general increase the safety of our citizens – motorists and pedestrians alike," said Senator Liston A. Davis, Chair of the Committee on Education, Culture & Youth.


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