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FYI: Sen. Berry Remembers Judge Alphonso A. Christian


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July 25, 2005 – In expressing condolences on the passing of Judge Alphonso A. Christian, Senate President Lorraine L. Berry said she joins innumerable Virgin Islanders as they recall their memories of a very forthright judge and Commissioner of Public Safety, a man who "told it like it was," without regard for political considerations.
Sen. Berry said this was particularly patent in her private meetings with him regarding concerns about so-called selective application of the law. Commissioner Christian urged her to bring to him specific cases of this nature, emphasizing and re-emphasizing that "selective application of the law would not be tolerated under his watch."
Berry said from all accounts he was considered what is called "a colorful judge" because he was so forthright in issuing judicial pronouncements from the bench.
Declared Berry, "He was one of those old-time, self-made Virgin Islanders who was so multi-talented, that he was pressured to serve in numerous capacities, both civic and public, and in all positions distinguished himself as a man who truly found satisfying the opportunity to give of himself."
Concluded Berry, "I found him such a refreshing individual, especially since he could care less about political expediency. There aren't many people around today like Judge Christian."


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