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@Work: Living Island Style and Sunhaven Real Estate


July 13, 2005 — It's been 15 years since Justine Mis made the trek from Chicago to St. Thomas. The island style suited her so much, she instantly felt at home.
"It was cold there," Mis says with a laugh.
She has recently launched two new businesses, Sunhaven Realty and Living Island Style, a Web site that offers rare and beautiful Caribbean things. Both embody Mis' passion for the islands.
"Our commitment is to help you bring the look and feel of the tropics into your home," says a letter from Mis on her Web site. "The products we've assembled come from our Caribbean adventures that span over 14 years and extend from the Leeward and Windward Islands to the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Venezuela and beyond!"
In addition to batiks, fabrics, pillows, table accessories, and ceramics, the site showcases Mis' own artwork. It begins as digital photography from her island travels, and is then transformed into high quality giclee prints on archival media. All images are printed to order for quality assurance and minimum handling.
The artwork is the bridge that connects Living Island Style with her second business, Sunhaven Realty. The offices, located in American Yacht Harbor on the second floor above First Bank, will also serve as a gallery to showcase Mis' prints.
"They connect in that I have people who buy [homes] from me that want to decorate in island style," says Mis. She sees her work as a good opportunity to share her enthusiasm about the island with other people.
"I like people and like the challenge of finding them their place in paradise," Mis says.
Sunhaven Realty has desk space for one more realtor—all told Mis would like to have compatible personalities sharing an office. "My attitude is to run this business as a family. We'll all be working together for the same goals. I have six people who have been here that have different talents to lend to people who come to the island."
As far as starting up both businesses at once, Mis says that if you know her at all, it makes perfect sense. "Chalk it up to my insanity," she says. "I've lived here for 15 years, but I'm still a type-A personality. This fits into all the things I like to do, so it just worked out that way."
Visit the Web site at www.livingislandstyle.com, or visit Mis in person at Sunhaven Realty or call 715-4037.
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