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Justice Donates VCR/DVD Player to Schneider Regional


Aug. 23, 2005 — The VI Justice Department's Paternity & Child Support Division has donated a VCR/DVD player and a training video to the Labor and Delivery and Postpartum units at Schneider Regional Medical Center. The training video is specifically geared toward unmarried parents.
The donation, was made Friday by Regina de Chabert, Director of the Paternity & Child Support Division.
"The donation includes two training videos, one in English and one in Spanish, that recognize how important it is for both parents to acknowledge paternity of a child," de Chabert said, according to a release from the SRMC.
"I'd like to thank the Paternity & Child Support Division for this donation," Lineth Sylvester, nurse and clinical care coordinator of Maternal Child Health, said. "The equipment will be put to good use, as we will use the VCR and DVD player for teaching patients of each room in Labor & Delivery and Post-Partum. The video will teach new parents about the paternity program," she said. She also noted that the hospital's Maternal Child Health Care division had several DVDs for general patient teaching but was in need of a DVD player.
Other hospital staff present at the donation included Cynthia Stapleton, head nurse of Labor & Delivery, Kikou Martin, Post-Partum nurse. Also present at the donation from the Paternity & Child Support Division were Carolyn D. Thomas and Terrance Joseph.


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