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V.I. Could Lead the Way in Waste Management


Based on my 10 years of involvement in the Caribbean, it is very clear that Island communities throughout the Region face huge challenges when dealing with solid waste. The same "types" of problems may occur on the mainland but our adequate landfill space relieves us of the necessity of facing those problems. When the recycling market is not favorable, we just bury all those carefully separated household items. When we should be considering Waste to Energy, with very effective combustion and air pollution control equipment, we just bury our trash. Not so easy on a small island.
It appears that the USVI is on the right track and the leadership of Ms. Cornwall and Mr. Green could lead the VI into the 21st century of effective waste management. I applaud their efforts and hope that the community will support them.
Ed Nesselbeck
Clarence Center, NY

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