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Tax Delinquent Properties


Dear Source:
Given that there are a number of other dead-beat taxpayers, meaning that
there is a reasonable size sample to consider correlations of that
behavior with the person's standing or position in the community. Is
slack enforcement of tax policy a perk if you are a member of the Virgin
Islands ruling elite, I wonder. Given the general condition of
lawlessness on the streets and the seeming lawlessness in the government
it would seem reasonable to investigate such linkages; but then again
since everyone knows everything about each other I guess everyone is
complicit in this state of lawlessness oddly called paradise, so why
bother since everyone seems to like it this way. Very strange culture
from my perspective, but when in Rome do as the Romans do, so it has
been said. Got to go now and buy my guns, feed my attack dogs, put up
some more bars on my windows, enjoy the last days of my tinted car
windows, speed to the store while passing on a narrow road and having
my kid steal from the store as I distract the shop keep.
Kevin McKeigue
St. Croix
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