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Harrison Liddle: A True Visionary of the 21st Century


Dear Source:

This is in response to the article on Harrison "Aitch" Liddle and Blue Island Divers. I was one of Aitche's original dive buddies/students/supporters/friends at Blue Island Divers when they first opened. It is amazing how his true passion for the love of diving, sport of diving, passion for people, etc. has paid off so well. I was doing a dive master internship with him and can't stress enough how important customer service, safety, and fun were instilled in me as a DM trainee. I was with Aitch when we found some of these "secret wrecks/sites," and the excitement and energy he expressed was like a child being able to ride a bike without training wheels. There are just not enough kind things to say about Aitch Liddle and Blue Island Divers. We still keep in touch from time to time, and it is great to read about his successes!
Dave Gilbert
Beverly Hills, CA
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