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Katrina's Costs Will Not Affect Virgin Islands


I have read the article and reports of Mr. Bruno-Vega's Rising Crude prices. The Crude Oil delivered to St Croix comes from Venezuela and the supply has not diminished. The Tragedy in the Gulf is going to leave a great many Tankers filled with crude Oil and nowhere to go. The consequence of this to the Gulf and South Eastern seaboard will be very Dramatic. However to the rest of the world the Crude Oil which is currently undeliverable is a surplus. The ships carrying this oil must find another home for it and therefore it will have to be sold at discount somewhere else.
The oversea delivery of crude oil is a carefully orchestrated situation which requires long term planning. The production and rotation of ship delivery cannot stop. My feelings are that while fuel prices in the affected areas will rise dramatically it is because of delivery problems and not a consequence of crude oil prices.
So lets stick with the issues. WAPA has arguably the highest energy costs on the planet. Perhaps we cannot be the least expensive, but why are we paying so much more than other countries.
Let us investigate the efficiency, corruption and power distribution prices. Let WAPA not hide behind High crude oil prices, Lets us have the truth and let us have accountability.
Perhaps WAPA should have a Lay Board made up of local business leaders to monitor the excesses and blow the whistle where necessary. It is quite apparent that WAPA is not able to police its self.

Ivan P. Minarik

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