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Welcome to Hatred 101


Dear Source,
Welcome to the class, HATRED 101! It has been taught in the shadows of our community for several years, but it seems to be offered widely and open lately.
Chapter One, dislike anyone who doesn't look like you. Chapter two, ridicule anyone that speaks differently from you. Chapter three, if they have more than you…they are evil. Chapter four, if they do more than expected, they must be shut down.
Racism and hatred needs to stop! How are the young people supposed to learn? We have senators saying about cha chas and garats. We have blacks mocking white tourists. We have Arabs calling blacks lazy. Yes… you have heard them all. I
Consider this dirt in a rug that needs to be shaken out. It needs to be shaken out!
People, this class of thought needs to stop! We are a small
diverse community. This is what makes us GREAT!! Parents need to stop their children from using the words of hate. They need to teach their kids respect. It all starts at home. Don't let someone teach your child hate. The same way you teach your children to cross the street, you need to teach them how to accept diversity. Also, politicians needs to show respect during heated arguments. Name calling flows into the streets, and seperates us.
How quickly we forget after the hurricanes passed. Everyone
helping each other. Whatever happened to the thought "three
islands…one people."
Dee Lappy
St. Thomas

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