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Absence of National Guard Could Spell Trouble


If a major hurricane should hit the Virgin Islands, we shouldn't only be concerned about not receiving immediate aid and assistance from the federal government in the aftermath of Katrina's devastation on the mainland. We should also be very concerned about the severe reduction in our National Guard force. The last contingent sent to Afghanistan still hasn't come home and another major contingent left this week for Iraq.
The local National Guard was on island in force for both major hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn and were essential in hitting the streets and creating order out of chaos as quickly as possible, doing an incredible job.
Our own National Guard force has been severely depleted by overseas deployment, The V.I. Police Department is severely short-staffed and the Federal government is severely overtaxed.
Let us hope and pray that this latest forecasted depression (which right now doesn't look very good for us) fizzles out, takes a turn or does anything other than slam us. Otherwise we're going to have one major unprecedented problem.
Anna Clarke
St Thomas

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