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Man Drowns at Ham's Bluff Beach


Sept. 4, 2005 – Oscar Garcia, 42, of Estate Diamond, Frederiksted died Saturday, the victim of an apparent drowning. According to a release from the V.I. Police Department they received a call at 3:20 p.m. about a possible drowning incident at Ham's Bluff beach on the northeastern side of St. Croix.
Garcia had been at the beach with relatives, who noticed they had not seen him for awhile. After about 30 minutes, the release said, they searched for him, and found him in the water.
He was pulled out, but was unresponsive.
Police said there were no signs of any injuries to the body.
Garcia was wearing blue jeans and white undershirt.
According to the police Garcia's relatives told them he had "had several alcoholic drinks prior to the incident."


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