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Reader is Tired of Senators Who Blather and Accomplish Nothing


Dear Source:
If our distinguished senators had the temerity to gut the Department of Education, so that teachers can get adequate wages, then perhaps we, as a society, could "educate" our "youths". I agree that mandatory sentencing in excess of the federal sentencing structure is draconian. Mandatory sentencing is not the problem, however. This is a bait and switch. Our problem is the Department of Education, specifically the administrators who do nothing but pass the buck and "forget" to use funding and grants.
What choices do young men have if they cannot read? What choices do young men have if they have no true family? What choices do young men have when we are a materialistic society, and everybody wants something, and some of us think we deserve something, even if we do not have to work for it? These young men will choose the life of crime. The "easy" way.
Adult prison is not meant to rehabilitate. It is meant to house a person until his or her release date. The time to educate our children is when they are in elementary and middle school. By the time they reach high school, it is too late.
I am tired of task forces, and tired of the senators' blather about "educating our youths". Who is going to have the guts to do what is needed to turn our Virgin Islands society around, so that the have-nots have a chance? Yada. Yada, Yada. We have heard it all before.
Julie German Evert
St. Thomas

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