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Renny Roker Responds to Jay Craft


It is very obvious that Mr. Jay Craft has no idea the level of anger or despair on our Islands, nor an understanding of the need for change. Not knowing his or her income status, I can only guess that they are white and upper middle class or better economically. Any person that cannot understand why high cost of living with low income would cause a problem is like the queen that said, "If there is no bread, let them eat cake." It ironic that Jay Craft did not discuss or seem to understand the need for lower property taxes for residents regardless of color that owned their property for 20 years or longer is also understandable.
As far as my wanting to have a revolution, is preposterous, the Virgin Islands is my home, my parents, their parents and the family that came over in slave ships. What I want too see is fairness to all especially our local elderly and upstanding families that struggle weekly in the face of outrageous rising cost, that continuously are facing these fine citizens regardless of color.
WAPA, increases, food and gas increases, income stays the same. Any thoughtful individual can see that would cause a problem. America fought the British because of high taxes, or does he remember that. History will always dictate the future eventually. I suggest that your respondent talk to the real community and not just their small circle of acquaintances on the Island. I remember when Frederiksted beaches were segregated, when a worker from Texas called a Crucian Nigger and ended up dead a few days later. And then there is Fireburn. No we're not there, but if you continue to depress a community from many sides, taxes, cost of living etc. regardless of color, a riot, a stand-off, a walk out, a strike are all possible. No I have no desire to see either of these negative activities take place.
My roots are in the Virgin Islands. I love the V.I. I abhor those that look at our Island from a point of view that comes from rose-colored glasses. I offer to our inept and uninformed writer to live in the shoes of the majority of local persons earning $20,000 or less per year, and let me know if rising cost, taxes, food, gas etc. makes a difference or not. This writer reminds me of the response to the victims' pre and post of Katrina. The word went out to evacuate, but everyone forgot the shut-ins, those without vehicles, and those with not enough money for fuel if they did have a car. Your writer would probably suggest they catch a plane!
Renny Roker
St. Croix

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