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Two Suspects Being Held in Stabbing Death


Sept. 16, 2004 — The initial hearing for two individuals arrested in conjunction with the stabbing death of Jahleel Halliday, 19, on Sept. 12 inside the Footlocker at Lockhart Gardens Shopping Center on St. Thomas was held Friday.
According to police reports, Kareem J. Brown and Keelo A. Jacobs, both 18 years old and residents of Oswald Harris Court, were arrested Thursday after witnesses present at the scene of the crime selected their pictures for police out of a photo array.
"The two witnesses were sitting outside the Footlocker when they saw Brown and Jacobs approach," VIPD Detective Lionel Bess, who conducted the investigation, testified at the hearing. "One witness saw Brown approach with a knife in his hand."
Bess further related that the witnesses, who knew Halliday, Brown and Jacobs, went inside to warn Halliday that people were coming after him. "When Halliday, who was buying T-shirts at the time, asked Jacobs and Brown what was going on, a fight ensued, and Halliday was stabbed," Bess said.
Bess added that the fight between Halliday, Brown, and Jacobs, took place at the entrance of the store where merchandise racks obscured the vision of the witnesses. "One witness said they saw Brown give Jacobs the knife, but because the rack was in the way, no one saw who actually did the stabbing," Bess said.
After the stabbing, Bess testified that Brown and Jacobs left the store, while Halliday walked up to the two witnesses, who noticed he had been stabbed once in the chest. At that point, Bess said that Halliday collapsed. He was transported by ambulance to the Roy L. Schneider Hospital shortly after 2 p.m. "He was pronounced dead right after he arrived," Bess said.
A medical examiner's report states Halliday died of the of the chest wound, which had penetrated his heart, Bess said. In addition, the victim had two other stab wounds, both in the torso area.
"That's really serious," Judge Brenda Hollar, who presided over the hearing, said. Hollar found probable cause to hold Brown and Jacobs on charges of aiding and abetting murder in the first degree and possession of a dangerous weapon. If convicted, both individuals could face life in prison without parole.
Bail was set at $250,000 for each defendant. If bail is posted, Holler recommended that the two be put on house arrest. In addition, Brown would have to report to a probation officer on a daily basis, as he is still a senior at Charlotte Amalie High School.
Hollar also recommended that Brown and Jacobs remain in the custody of a reliable third party individual—such as a parent—if released on bail.
An arraignment hearing is set for Sept. 22 at 9 a.m.
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