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A Fan Mourns Nicholas 'Nick' Friday


I am such a big fan of the awesome Jam Band!!! I was looking forward to seeing them this weekend at the Omega Center in Miami Carnival. Now I don't know how it will be without him or even if we gonna see the rest members but I hope that Burning Flames who they were gonna perform with are going do a dedication to him cause this is such a real big surprise and disappointment. You know that first there is life, then death but for some reason I expected my kids to go and see the awesome Jam Band just the same and there is no Jam Band without Friday!!! He will be truly missed, for real. Even though I got my call yesterday in Tampa Florida where I now reside reading it today on the St. Thomas Source it really hit me now. I hope the band makes some kinda dedication album or CD in his memory cause I still want to hear his tunes, his voice even though he has left us. He left us with wonderful music we all will never forget. I am 37 and my Dad was behind Jamband between Florida and St. Thomas, my kids jam to the music at home too. So you know those tunes went along way. We love you Friday!!!
Love and respect, Darlene, aka "Tootsie," and family (Macady, Randi, Raneesha, and Shaina).
Darlene James
Tampa, Florida

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