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Phone Service in Area of Morning Fire Being Restored


Oct. 20, 2005 – A fire that gutted a building on the corner of Kongen's Gade and Hospital Gade Thursday morning also knocked out phone service in the area. (See Community Alert: Fire in Charlotte Amalie Under Control).
The fire caused major damage to a cable that serves the following areas: Prindsens Gade, Norre Gade, Hospital Gade, Beltjen Place, Knud Hansen Complex, Hospital Ground, Mafolie, Ebenezer Gardens, Charlotte Amalie Apartments, Berg's Home, Hillside Villas, Commondant Gade, Spring Hill Condos, Frederiksberg, Estate Thomas, Wheatley Shopping Center, Bjerje Gade, and Dronnigens Gade, a release from Vitelco said.
David Sharp, Vitelco president, said phone crews were at the site early Thursday morning working to restore service. As of early evening, Sharp reported much of the interrupted service had been restored. Calls to Government House and the Education Department Thursday night verified that service to those two places had been restored.
Sharpe said the crews would be working through the night to "ensure prompt and complete restoration of service," which he expected to happen by noon Friday.


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