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Divisiveness Is Not the Solution


Dear Source,

The dust of emotional chaos has somewhat settled on our little Island of St. John.
It is my experience that a little time and deep contemplation with both the heart and the mind is necessary to bring perspective and awareness to troublesome issues.
There has rarely been a time in my 23 plus years here where I have seen so much fear and confusion. There are a few opinions that I would like to share.
There is not "rampant racism" on our Island.
I do not believe there is any KKK here-we "whites" would not allow it.
It seems that two individuals who had businesses in a local mall had interpersonal conflicts that escalated into two very awful, heinous crimes. My guess is that a few individuals "took the law into their own hands" and retaliated.
A "We the people" Rally was then planned with Cruzans to "support Esther Frett".
However-I did not know the facts-so was not able to support a march "for " anyone". These were crimes yet the focus became more about race-pitting "white" against "black". It was when other community groups participated and invited all to a"Unity Rally against Racsim" that we "whites" felt "invited" to participate.
The walk was powerful. Very little was said. Many individuals carried positive signs to voice concerns. It was a "Love City" Vibe. The opening prayers led by local Ministers to bless us in solving our problems as a community were beautiful. The Afrikan blessing and drumming for our Ancestors was heart-opening.
Then Mr. Moorehead came to the microphone proceeded by the sort of introduction and musical extravaganza reserved for Rock Stars or political rallies-and the "unity" was blasted apart by his divisive words ridiculing "whites" calling them "scumbags" along with numerous "we" and "dem" comments. There were a very few verbal and angry individuals screaming-"we run tings!" and "no more servitude!" One word describes the "energy" put out by these individuals: disrespectful to fellow-citizens who happen to be "white" who have loved and contributed much to our community for many, many years.
If this was "We the people's" idea of "healing" then we are in big trouble.
I am proud of all of my fellow- community members who "took the high road" and left the rally quietly like me.
Mr. Moorehead demonstrated through his words, the amount of unconscious racism that still exists- and it is not determined by the color of one's skin-but the attitude of narrow-mindedness in one's thinking.
Interestingly-I have felt a deeper unity and affection from my native "family" and friends. I see that it has also motivated many more "natives" to become more active in the areas that threaten their land and lifestyle. This is good! There is more "hailin' up" and affection being demonstrated in our town between citizens. Mr. Moorehead's hard and divisive words have actually united us. "Love City" is an experience that he can not know. By his own acknowledgement, his last visit here was in 1984.
In retrospect, I believe that this entire issue is multi-layered but quite simply all stems from our community's lack of faith in our Government to listen and responsibly respond to St. John's continual-ongoing problems-from the exasperating "no parking" problems; to the lack of adequate police services. I personally am more motivated and committed to demonstrating St. John IS and will continue to be "Love City" in spite of the challenging problems of rapid growth that is occurring. I invite all fellow-members to do the same thing- get involved in a positive manner in the issues that matter to you- and cultivate respect, courteousness and harmony in your every interaction. Remember Love is more powerful than fear! Love City will prevail.
Bonny Corbeil

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