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FYI: Senator Liston Davis Concerned Over Many Complaints Against Police Officers


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Nov. 16, 2005 – Senator Liston Davis said that as a member of the Committee on Public Safety, Homeland Security and Justice, he has become increasingly concerned over the volume of complaints he has received alleging misconduct by police officers.
"Not only are they alleging misconduct by officers on the beat but as was amply indicated in one of our daily newspapers, the upper echelon of the Police Force are apparently attempting to cover-up the unlawful action of those under their charge," said Senator Davis.
According to Senator Liston Davis, the shenanigans of the V.I. Police Department have become evident when the public is informed that a certain officer has been suspended for 25 days, only to learn later than no such suspension has in fact taken place.
"This is only one example of the double-speak and duplicitous actions emanating from within the police department," said Senator Liston Davis. "People are afraid. They feel intimidated when they realize that the information publicly presented by law enforcement officers is far from the truth. Many in our community have lost confidence in the Virgin Islands Department of Police. This is a sad commentary for me to make. Trust in the law enforcement arm of any society is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of that society and I am extremely troubled by recent revelations," said Senator Liston A. Davis.


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