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Questions Asked About The Way Things Are


Dear Source:
Hello there. I have just returned from the island of St. John after a two-week stay from Oct. 31 to Nov. 15. The trip was a honeymoon gift and a nice break from my work as a waitress in my hometown.
I am so curious. Could you answer some questions for me?
In a place like St John where West Indians have, in the last 60 years, owned most of the land, and currently occupy the most stable jobs while living as the majority on a beautiful island that is kept clean and beautiful mainly by, transplants from other places (the reason why anyone goes there) why are so many of them so crabby towards random tourists? Why are the ferry service folks so self righteous and rude when rarely ever timely, helpful or organized? Why is it that when I went to spend my money in the grocery store I am TOLD rather then asked to remove my contents from my basket? Why were the police so apathetic to my call on Nov 15th after I reported having the road I was driving on blocked by men standing in the street–at night AND after all of the crime in the previous two weeks. How can, in such a small place, there be so much obvious cocaine trafficking–right there–on the street? And then finally, how on earth is anyone not calling racism into question when all of the crime- from murder, abuse, rape, robbery, arson–you name it–has been committed by the majority (black) on the minority (white).
Where are "We the People" now? They come running in from St. Croix when a locally known often abused by her husband crazy women is making accusations that had yet to proved in court- but fail to show up or even comment about any and all other crimes committed. The crazy lady's non- convicted supposed predator has had his car and his business burned to pieces as well as his home ransacked, and no white person wants to speak up about it because knowing how slow the police are to respond (what are they protecting one wonders? Conflict of interest?), they are afraid of turning into another David Geiger.
I cannot believe no journalist has gone after this in detail with a vengeance. You all need more competition on St. John. Maybe in both news and ferry services.
What am I missing here? I've seen exploitation, and that is in the Bahamas. I could understand– even as a 7 year old–why women working the Bahamian straw markets didn't like white tourists. This is not the Bahamas. And I am not an obnoxious tourist, a billionaire developer or an oppressor. I am just a hard working woman on vacation wondering why I am the subject of racism and discrimination in a place where I am giving much more then I am taking and asking for, nothing but simple passing kindness. What's the deal?
Amelia Royko
Madison, Wis.

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