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Government's Insurance Renewed Without Benefit Changes


Nov. 23, 2005 — The Government Employees' Service Commission/Health Insurance Board of Trustees notifies all participants in the Government's Group Insurance Program that effective October 2005 the Medical and Dental Plans with Cigna Healthcare and Metropolitan Life, respectively, have been renewed without benefit changes.
Participants will continue to pay for in-network services $100 for single and $300 for family services. For out-of-network deductibles the fee is $200 for single and $600 for family. Out-of-pocket maximums for in-network participants are $2,000 for single insurance and $4,000 for family, and for those out of network the cost is $4,000 for single and $8,000 for family.
For dental services the deductibles are $25 for single and $100 for family. The annual maximums for all services are $1,250 and $1,000 for orthodontia. The deductible does not apply to Dental preventive care services.
Participants are reminded that these deductibles are calendar year deductibles and will have to be satisfied each calendar year. For more information, contact the group insurance office at 714-5000.
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