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Governor Sends Thanksgiving Message


2005 Thanksgiving Message by the
Governor of the United States Virgin Islands

Stressing that Virgin Islanders have much to be grateful for, Governor Charles W. Turnbull today extended Thanksgiving Greetings to the people of the Virgin Islands. "As the hurricane season closes and it appears that the Territory has been spared from the devastations that have afflicted many in our region, across America and the world, it is fitting that we remember those who are suffering and homeless today and give thanks for our many blessing. We must also be grateful for families, friends, neighbors and loved ones," the governor said.
"Thanksgiving is a time for family, for caring and sharing. It is a time of renewal of relationships. It is a time for reaching out to the less fortunate, the disadvantaged, the elderly, the needy, the homeless, those with special needs and most especially to our children who are our future."
"As we pause to give thanks, we express our collective gratitude to Almighty God for a much improved economic condition, record government revenue collections, a declining unemployment rate and a booming construction industry that is steadily leading to an improved quality of life for all residents," the Governor said.
"Let us also pray for our National Guardsmen and women and our nation's allies who have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of the world in service to our country. We pray for their safe return and for their families and loved ones during this festive time."
"As we thank God for His many blessings, we remember in our hearts and prayers those who are experiencing the loss of loved ones. For them, this is a difficult time of the year. This Thanksgiving, let us express our love by opening our hearts and our homes to family, friends, neighbors and those in need of love and comfort. Although we annually set aside this special time for giving thanks, these acts of love should be exercised each day. It is through these unselfish acts that we fulfill the mandate of the Creator – Love thy neighbor as thyself," the governor said.
"May God bless us all during this bountiful season and may we, as a people, continue to love one another and to enjoy His many and sustaining blessings. Happy Thanksgiving 2005," Governor Turnbull concluded.


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