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Reader Feels Safer After Police Arrest Award-Winning Businesswoman


Dear Source,
In a time of escalating criticism of St. John's Police Department, I just wanted to take time to acknowledge the good work they actually do.
In the past two months on St. John, there has been a vicious murder, the brutal beating of a child in his home, six armed robberies (two where the victims were also shot), the attack and robbery of a woman in her home, two arsons, fifteen home burglaries, much car and dinghy destruction, a stolen Jeep and numerous assaults. My statistics may be incomplete, as these are the crimes I personally know about, so there may be more.
Though there have been no arrests in the aforementioned crimes, on Friday, Nov.18 the St. John Police were able to arrest Cidney Hamling from her business, Connections, in Cruz Bay.
Knowing Cid had been taken away in handcuffs sure helped me breathe a sigh of relief – like when the stateside authorities finally got Martha Stewart behind bars.
I hope our community will start applauding our local law enforcement, that in spite of limited staff, manpower and resources ,according to Police Commissioner Elton Lewis, excellent Police work is being done.
Arresting the 2005 Winner of the St. John Rotary Community Service Award, and past recipient of the Outstanding Service Award from the St. John Business and Professional Women's Organization and the St.Thomas/St. John Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award, is surely taking a big bite out of crime!
I know I feel a lot safer now. Let's all stop complaining about our government workers with guns and give them some praise.
Anne Marie Porter
St. John

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