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Crucian in Miami Says St. Croix Needs More Attention


Dear Source,
As a Crucian now living in Miami, there was a very nice advertisement in the travel section of The Miami Herald. In this article travel suggestions, and different hotels were listed. The only thing about this article was that St. Croix was not mentioned as being part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and there was no mention about St. Croix at all. I was very upset about this as I know that St Croix has beautiful beaches, and many luxurious hotels. The Virgin Islands has a tourist office here in Miami. Who is working in this office?
Probably not someone from the V.I., especially not from St. Croix. Maybe they need someone from St. Croix, that can handle, and oversee the ads, to include all three US Virgin Islands. Every time someone asks where I am from they don't know St Croix,
I have to explain that it's near St. Thomas,(everyone knows this one).
Can we give St Croix more popularity?
Pete Rijos

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