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Moorhead's Feeble Attempt to Help


A man walks out into traffic stops in the middle of an oncoming lane. He just stands there. Drivers honk, yell, ask what in the hell he's doing. He doesn't respond. He just stands there, blocking traffic with out giving his reason, which is…um
Do the drivers think:
A- The man is has escaped from the booby hatch.
B- The man is a confused "wino"
C- The man is attempting suicide
D- The man is performance art
E- The man is protesting for a very important cause
If you picked E, which is highly unlikely, you are wrong, because any half-witted person with a half legitimate purpose and a hope for progress would not use the aforementioned method to protest for an important cause.
This is not to say the issue of Mrs. Frett's alleged rape isnt important, although, I believe that might be the feeling for Mr. Moorhead, because his means of raising awareness was overall, rather silly and misguided. Had he been protesting the wages of market workers, well there you go. But I am trying to understand what stopping someone from buying their twinkies, and then withholding the noble reason why, is going to do for Esther Frett?
The shoppers at Starfish Market during the ineffectual protest of Mr. Moorhead and his poorly led friends, had food they could find elsewhere. The owner of the Market is most likely not hard pressed for cash. The workers involved, on the other hand, who were predominantly West Indian, might have trouble finding another job if their place of employment closes on such a small island with limited spaces offering reliable employment such as a grocery store.
It seems with you, Mr. Moorhead, everyone loses: their face (your followers), their job, and no one can figure out for what or why?
Mr. Moorhead, with an undying need to offer your peace, love and support to the West Indian St. John community why dont you pressure the government to start a tech school or a community college there. Why dont you promote solidarity and a change in tax code. Use your fame and name towards something progressive with a purpose rather then wandering aimlessly into oncoming traffic and dragging everyone out there with you to acheive nothing but lack of purpose and obvious "face covering" embarassment, that is, if you care…or is it, dare? Good Luck.
Amelia Royko
St. John

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