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Ferry Luggage Screening Is an Inconvenience


Dear Source:
Screening passengers traveling between St. Thomas and St. John? Obviously, its another incredibly brilliant idea from the brain trust at the "Morons and Idiots Department."
They think this will increase security? Ridiculous and absurd. It's just another worthless inconvenience for law-abiding citizens and more of this out-of-control department's attacks on the island's vital tourism industry. Maybe next they will require inspection of taxi passengers from the airport to the ferry? We are not talking about travel from one country to another.
How about inspecting the baggage in the cargo holds of passenger airline flights (none of which is currently inspected even after all the years since the tragic attack on Pam Am Flight 103), or inspecting the 8 million cargo containers that enter the United States each year before they reach our shores with a nuclear weapon concealed inside that could be detonated at the port, or how about just inspecting the baggage of the millions of illegal aliens that this agency gladly allows to simply walk across our wide open borders every year? When they accomplish those tasks, then they can talk rationally about security, but at the moment they obviously have no clue.
Do any of these geniuses actually believe that a terrorist would be so accommodating to take the passenger ferry when they could simply get on the uninspected car barge, or take a private boat across?
What's worse is that the Transportation "Safety" Administration just decided that passengers could bring a host of previously banned sharp items onboard planes again, see: http://www.tsa.gov/interweb/assetlibrary/Permitted_Prohibited_9_6_2005.pdf Are these people so removed from reality that they can't differentiate what is a threat and what enhances security?
Rob Priender
Long Island, N.Y.

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