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The Governor Wants a Raise


Dear Source:
So…our esteemed Governor wants a raise!
Perhaps a raise would be appropriate given the fact that the Governor's office does make less than other departments of Virgin Islands.
The Governor and most of the Departments of government have run it so much into the ground over the past several years that it will take at least that amount of time to clean it up.
Would anyone expect a pay raise for doing poor work?
I would suggest that the Governor should entertain a pay CUT for his and all of the cabinet members salaries until they have proven that our government is running, as it should be. It seems that the Governor realizes that this is the end and perhaps a raise will increase his pension to a more comfortable level. What the heck! The Government Employee's Retirement System is just about run into the ground. Why not get what you can before it's defunct.
The Governor should be embarrassed to even suggest a pay raise for any office in Government until the mess is cleaned up. It won't be done on his watch though; it's too late for that.
Perhaps if we can find government employees who really care about fiscal responsibility then raises could be in the works. Of course, it will take an election to solve that problem. New blood could bring new life to these beautiful islands that have been so beaten up fiscally.
For now Mr. Governor, try to lame duck your way out and perhaps you could start the process of cleaning up the mess you have made over these past years in the little time you have left. Yeah…sure!

Paul Devine
St John

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