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WAPA Plans Are Questioned


Dear Source:
WOW! What a pipe dream! What kind of capital investment is WAPA talking about – even an examination of the cable to St. John should give some indication to the actual cost, only it would be much higher per foot because of deeper water, and longer line.
There are questions that arise immediately: Which island would the underwater cable be connected to? Would there also be a cable from St. Thomas to St. Croix? Would all the advantages of fewer electrical outages also go to St. Croix?
Why can't WAPA network immediately on St. Croix with the Renaissance Group? It is here now; it is operable immediately; it is also coal burning with the latest technology – all it needs is the connections to existing WAPA lines. This is no pipe dream!
Before spending countless funds on a pipe dream, why can't WAPA use what is in our own backyard. I wonder how many folks today can recall when the government was proposing to build a water pipeline from Vieques to St. Thomas – but not to St. Croix. Fortunately, that pipe dream never happened. Can you imagine being at the mercy of a pipeline for water, and also an underwater electrical cable, from Puerto Rico. Frankly, we would be at the mercy of anyone who had the ability to interfere with this service.
Dr. Robert V. Vaughn
Christiansted, St. Croix

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