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FYI: A Holiday Message from the Police Commissioner


The following material is being published, unedited, exactly as it was received via e-mail from the office of the government official named below, as a Source community service. Government office holders wishing to contribute to the bulletin board must e-mail [email protected]. The Source reserves the right to choose what is published.
Dec. 21, 2005 – This year has gone by far too quickly, but together we have made considerable achievements. For those achievements, I have all of you to thank. I am blessed with many who are dedicated, loyal and committed to the mission of the Virgin Islands Police Department. Outside the Department, the citizens of the Virgin Islands have shown their determination and commitment as well. The efforts of the Citizen's Integration Team and initiatives like Project Safe Neighborhood have worked to enhance public safety and improve our quality of life. Through these cooperative efforts and others, the citizens of this Territory and the members of this Police Department have created a road map to a better future.
If there is one word that best describes the efforts and achievements of this past year, that word would be "synergy"; the concept that the whole is much greater than simply the sum of its component parts. Truly, that is what we have done in 2005. We have committed new resources toward creating a powerful law enforcement network, which has resulted in a team of interagency partnerships capable of making a much greater dent in crime then anyone of us could achieve alone. This has been brought about by many members of this and other departments contributing above and beyond the call of duty, and all are to be commended for their efforts.
Community-Oriented Policing is on the rise and is gaining considerable acceptance and broader participation. There is the first installment of the VIPD Vehicle Fleet. The process of obtaining this fleet was a long and arduous one that was accomplished through the commitment and hard work of many people and multiple agencies. The VIPD puts a strong emphasis on training, and this is exemplified by the efforts that have been made to obtain for our Territory a state-of-the-art Training Academy to provide world-class police training for the VIPD and the Caribbean region. I could go on for another two pages but I think you get the picture. Although this is my watch, you are the ones responsible for our successes. This is surely a time for the members of the VIPD to rejoice in their successes, be acknowledged for their hard work, and greet the future with renewed spirit, energy and anticipation. I know that I do, and I ask you to join me. A New Year awaits us all.
Too often, in the course of our busy workdays, we forget to say "Thank You" to those who have helped to shoulder our burdens. Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a part of the team and sharing this year with me. May this Holiday Season and the coming New Year bring you and your family all the best that life has to offer.


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