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Jim Tunick Responds to Julie Evert


Dear Source,
I read with interest and amusement Julie Evert's letter. Interest because she states unequivocally erroneous facts such as "insurance premiums do not go down when there is a cap." They do go down, Ms. Evert, and in fact, they also allow commerce and medical practices to continue as well. If it were not for the $250,000 cap on medical malpractice pain and suffering we would not have the quality doctors that we have in the Territory.
And amusement, because the obvious ones who do derive "pleasure" from auto accidents are the numerous plaintiffs attorneys, such as Ms. Evert, who make a very handsome living off contingency settlements.
Kudos to the governor for vetoing the repeal of the $75,000 cap.
Jim Tunick
St. Thomas

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