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Festival Booth Owners Rewarded for Their Efforts


Jan. 26, 2006 — Three Crucian Christmas Festival booth operators were a little richer on Thursday when they picked up their Best Decorated Booth prize money. The presentation was made at the Frederiksted Economic Development Association (FEDA) office in Frederiksted. FEDA sponsored the contest during the Christmas season as an incentive to booth owners to decorate their booths during Festival.
First prize of $500 went to Rita Chiverton, whose booth highlighted the Festival's theme: "A Global Mix of Cultures, Sounds and Lyrics for Festival 2005-2006." The artwork featured a globe with musical notes in the foreground, while madras fabric and Christmas lights decorated the inside of the booth.
The $300 second prize went to Sarah Dover. Her booth, "Sarah and Sue," was decorated with multicolored lights and Christmas wreaths. Dover's son, Theodore Willock, stood in for his mother at the presentation.
Diane Noel Mohammed took third-prize honors with a check for $200. Her booth, "Roti Master," featured Trinidad and Tobago flags along with the traditional Christmas decorations.
FEDA determined the prize amount on a sliding scale of incentives based on the amount of participation from booth owners.(See "Big Money Up for Grabs in Booth-Decorating Contest").
FEDA President Rupert Ross Jr. and board members Unise Tranberg and Eugene "Doc" Petersen were in attendance at the presentation. Ross said this was the first time FEDA sponsored the booth decorating contest and hoped that in the future more booth owners would participate, boosting the prize amounts even further.
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