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Reader Commends Judy Bain


Dear Source:
I have known and have had the opportunity to work with Judy Bain for several decades and can tell you that you haven't begun to scratch the surface of what she has done on/for St. Croix over that period. Judy has never stood back and accepted the usual posture that one sees in the public sector of "they don't deserve better" when dealing with the downtrodden. She follows her conscience, is ever vigilant and will knock on every door. I personally know of several instances in which promises made to her were never kept-as recently as late 2005- but she keeps on ticking. A big Crucian thank you for profiling Judy–tradition-bearer, nurse, occupational therapist, recreational therapist, gardener, community- activist, nutritionist, employer, entrepreneur, and friend to all the less fortunate. She's "Dih bess yo' co' fin'. Thank You. Thank You.
Olaf G. Hendricks, M.D.
St. Croix

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