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TTouch Introductory Talk, Demonstration and Private Sessions


Feb. 3, 2006 – On Friday, Feb. 24, from 7-9 p.m., certified TTouch practitioner, Sandy Rakowitz, will be giving an Introduction to TTouch Talk and Demonstration. Also, on Saturday, Feb. 25, she is offering private sessions using Tellington TTouch training for dogs and other animals in St. Thomas.
TTouch is a way of physically working with animals that has been shown to improve performance and health. The method facilitates solutions to common physical and behavioral problems. An additional benefit is a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.
These events are offered for any animal lover who is interested in a gentler and more effective way to work with their own animals, or for those who work with animals professionally.
The TTouch method offers a positive, no-force approach to training and is also much more than just a training method. Performance and health are improved, common behavioral issues are diminished and physical problems are positively influenced. This method can help recovery from serious illnesses and injuries and enhance the quality of life on a daily basis while deepening your relationship with your animals. TTouch is appropriate for puppies, aging dogs, performance athletes, those recovering from illnesses and injuries or for your couch potatoes.
The Introductory Talk on Friday night, Feb. 24, will cover the philosophy and practice of TTouch. Although this demo will be with dogs, the TTouch is just as effective with all species of animals. You will get to see: ways of working with animals that are unique and rewarding and can change their lives; easy-to-use skills to deal with common behavior and health related problems, such as excitability and nervousness; fear and shyness; resistance to grooming, car sickness, arthritis and other problems with aging; jumping up, hip dysplasia and leash pulling; techniques to increase performance and reduce stress in show, obedience, agility; how TTouch can work with shelter animals to help them adapt more easily to new environments; techniques that help animals recover more quickly from surgery and injury; and how to understand how TTouch inspires understanding and compassion for all life.
On Saturday, individual sessions are offered. Pre-registration is necessary. Both events are held at Marine Tech, in Subbase, upstairs of the Floor Factory. To register, to schedule for a private session, information and directions, call Sandy Sturner at 774-4363 or [email protected]


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