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African-American Soldiers Died in Famous Battle


As I read your article [2-9-06] on Melvin Claxton and his recent book "Uncommon Valor", I couldn't help but reflect on an interview he did on WSTA radio last December. It was during that interview that I first became aware of the heroic and exemplary actions of the African-American soldiers who fought at the Battle of New Market Heights. What particularly caught my attention was the name New Market Heights. Why? Well, even though I was in the Virgin Islands at the time of Claxton's interview, Currently, I am living in Henrico County, Virginia off of New Market Road. I mentioned to Claxton at that time that I would go looking for the site of that famous battle. Well, I did. And just like I thought, it's about 15 minutes from where I live.
Like many other historic sites, and believe me, there are numerous in this area, there is not much more than two markers identifying the site. I do plan to go back there and take a few pictures. Lastly, I again, would like to highly commend Claxton for shedding a most important floodlight on this heretofore hidden nugget of African-American history.
Sele Adeyemi
Richmond, Va.

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