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FYI: Christensen Challenges New York Colleagues Over Homeland Security


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Feb. 13, 2006 – Delegate to Congress Donna M. Christensen has challenged U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Anthony Weiner over disparaging comments that they made in the New York Post about the Virgin Islands and the homeland security funding that the territory receives.
In letters to the two Congressmen who represent New York, Christensen said that she was "shocked and surprised" to read their comments in yesterday's New York Post story entitled: "Sand Dollar Furor – Virgin Islands Anti-Terror Aid." Delegate Christensen said that their "comments were particularly troubling because you seem to suggest, that because you 'have not read once' of a threat against my district and its residents, that we do not deserve to receive a share of funds set aside to protect the U.S. from attacks."
Delegate Christensen told the two Congressmen of the strategic and economic importance of the HOVENSA refinery, the Charlotte Amalie harbor and the fiber-optic cable links. "The facts are…that there have been several serious threats made against important targets in the U.S. Virgin Islands which if successful, would significantly affect the U.S. economy, especially the East Coast and New York City in particular," Christensen wrote. "Because of its strategic importance to the United States and the War on Terrorism, due to its geographical location and processing capacity, HOVENSA has been identified as a soft target for terrorists," Christensen wrote. "Any attack on HOVENSA and its processing of over a half million barrels of crude oil per day will result in the loss of countless lives, disruption of US trade and thwart the U.S.'s war efforts," she continued.
Delegate Christensen also wrote about the importance of the Charlotte Amalie harbor, "the fourth busiest cruise ship port in the world" with nearly "3 million passengers a year," and AT&T and Global Crossing fiber optic cables linking North and South America and Europe which if attacked will cause major disruption in the financial center of New York."
Christensen told the New York congressmen that as a Member of the Homeland Security Committee in the House, she has voted for and supported proposals that ensure that New York City and other large metropolitan areas received a larger share of Homeland Security funds commensurate with the risks that they obviously face. "So, you can see why I was disappointed by your comments yesterday because I am supportive of your state's homeland security needs, while you publicly disparaged mine," she wrote.
The Delegate has invited both Congressmen to dialogue with her on the matter.


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