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Granddaughter is Proud of Heritage


Dear Source:
Thank you for the wonderful article written about my grandfather entitled
"Black History Spotlight: Herbert Hosea Heywood." My grandfather died the
year I was born, thus I knew nothing more about him than what was mentioned
in conversations from time to time. My grandfather has not been in any
history books to date; however, I believe he is worthy of mention in our
Virgin Islands history books. The entire Heywood family has a history worth
Again, I thank you for sharing Herbert Hosea Heywood's story. I assure you
there will be many more Black History Spotlight articles featuring Heywood's
in the years to come. As so long as there is a St. Croix, there will be
Heywood pride. Sincerely,
Saadia Maria "Chi" (Heywood) Payne
St. Croix

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