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Rotary Has Service/Charity Recognition Dinner


Feb. 16, 2006 – St. Croix Rotary West International Service presents a Recognition and Charity Dinner on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 6 p.m., at its Community Center with a special price of $15 per person.
Honorees are Rotarians Dorothy McIntosh, Sanseric Powell and Rupert Ross Jr. Non-Rotarian honorees are Jodie Lawaetz of Annaly Farms, Norris "Clarke" Benjamin of Centerline Cash and Carry, and entertainer and radio personality George "Bagoon" O'Reilly.
Representing Charity Night are:
Veronica Jeffrey of Antiqua
Lorna Ashby of Barbados
Verona White of St. Kitts
Christina Herbert of Nevis
Audrey Gustave of St. Lucia
Canadidia C. Carela of Santo Domingo
Flavia Logie of Grenada
Selma Fontanelle of St. Vincent
Laurel Royer of Dominica
Tickets can be purchased from any member of St. Croix Rotary West. For more information, call 772-2505.


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