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BS Needs to Stay Out of Health Care Issues


Dear Source:
I am so tired of hearing bickering nonsense come up when problems on these islands need to be solved. The bottom line is Health Care is expensive on these islands. While some can afford it many others can-not. It does not matter whether people are gay, straight, unwedded or wedded. People are people. All need some way to be able to deal with health care costs. To treat any group of people different from another is blatant discrimination. The idiotic responses that come up only twist things away from the real problems. Enough is enough. This problem and a resolution need to be thought out thoroughly before any final decisions are made.
Every person who is quick to raise up a finger to point to one group or the other with negative things to say need to realize all they are doing is expanding hate and prejudice. These are "taught and learned" things. Kids are not born to naturally hate and be prejudice. Maybe it's time adults in this community need to take a good look at themselves and realize they are part of teaching these things. Let God do the judging he said was his to begin with. In meantime let's look at the Health Care problems from a sensible, humane and realistic point of view.
Carol Berry
St. Thomas

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