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Reader Responds to Jay Craft's 'Diatribe'


Dear Editor:
In response to Jay Craft's hate-full, homophobic response to Dr. Bink's very valid letter of concern, I would like to go on record for agreeing that the proposed health insurance program should be all-inclusive. If we followed the lead of Mr. Craft, we would all certainly be part and parcel of developing a program that would be defined by Mr. Craft's narrow-minded, selective parameters.
That would not only be a shame, but would also be a horrid disservice to a great number of the Territory's residents. Gay partners, heterosexual live-in partners, 'common-law' marriages…the list goes on and on and incorporates many! It is the "new wave" of the insurance industry. Let us not, once again, find ourselves on the backside, as well as on the outside, of providing the residents of the Virgin Islands with the most up-to-date health care initiatives available.
By the way, there is already a health insurance company providing affordable group coverage in the Territory that does not place narrow-minded restrictions on the determination of domestic partner. You've got a mate? They can qualify for coverage! …just as it should be!
P.S. Dr. Bink's renovation of derelict or run down properties on St. Croix should be acknowledged with kudos as opposed to assault, and has no place in Mr. Craft's diatribe against all-inclusive health insurance coverage. I don't know about other's perspectives, but most on the big Island don't care if you're green with purple polka-dots and have an emotional attachment to an inanimate object, if you're helping to improve our infrastructure and our community we salute you!
Bridget L. Cox-Dawson
St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

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