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Recalling Impressions of Agnes King


It was in the mid-1960s when I met Agnes King at a gathering called for those interested in forming a League of Women Voters of the Virgin Islands. We all sat around the large table on the Grand Hotel Gallery. Relatively new to the island, I didn't then know many of the women who attended. Each spoke in turn, introducing themselves.
Amongst those attending was a self-effacing, lovely, soft-spoken woman who introduced herself as Agnes King. She articulated why she was there and the importance of our mission. In her quiet way, she was a supporter of and worker for the V.I. League over many years.
People pass through one's life leaving fleeting impressions. The adjectives that come to mind when I think of Agnes King are gracious, kind, giving, caring and willing to work with others for worthy causes. She will be missed.
Marilyn Mackay
New York City

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