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Former Tourism Commissioner 'Raffi' Jackson Dies


Feb. 21, 2006 – Former Tourism Commissioner Rafael Jackson died over the weekend in Florida, friends said.
"He was the consummate professional," Tourism Department spokesman Steve Bornn said Tuesday.
Bornn said he was unable to reach Jackson's family for further information on his death.
He said that Jackson had a Rolodex with the name of "every single travel agent in the United States."
Bornn, who referred to Jackson as "Mr. Cool," said he and Jackson interacted throughout their careers.
"I was happy he got to be commissioner," he said.
Gov. Charles W. Turnbull said in a news release issued Monday that Jackson was one of the most effective and respected managers of the Tourism Department's New York office.
"He worked hard to promote the Virgin Islands as a first-class travel destination and will be remembered for being one of the builders of the leadership role we play in Caribbean tourism," the governor said.
Jackson was born on St. Croix and worked in tourism for more than 20 years before retiring in 1996. He was an assistant director of tourism and, among other positions, served as the sales promotion manager in the New York office, regional sales manager in Chicago, and assistant director of tourism responsible for sales and marketing.
After he retired from the public sector, Jackson went to work for Prestige Airways as its director of marketing for Florida and the Virgin Islands.
He returned to serve as tourism commissioner in March 2000, serving first in an acting capacity before his official nomination in July 2000. He resigned from the job in October 2000 for what he said were health reasons.
Funeral arrangements, by James Memorial Funeral Home on St. Croix, are presently incomplete.


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