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Dear Source: This Is An Open Letter to Joe Elmore


Dear Joe,
You've been a source of inspiration, leadership, commitment and dedication to The Humane Society of St. Thomas both as a mover and leader, not only to the adults in this community but also to the island youth for whom you've done so very much – not to mention, of course, the animals who, of course, always come first.
Your leaving is St. Thomas's enormous loss and the tremendous gain of Mississippi's recovery.
I pray that everything you've started off here on St. Thomas will not only continue but thrive and grow, that the Humane Society will find someone to even halfway fill your shoes, and that when your two-year contract is up you'll come back here to further your dreams of a youth community center.
The Virgin Islands could use more of your ilk, who actually get out there and get something done instead of just talking about it!
Joe, you're not only a community gem in my eyes, but I consider you a good friend. But e-mail is only a little space away. We know that you will do a fantastic job in Mississippi, understand that they really do need your expertise and, frankly, I doubt they could have picked a better person for the job.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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