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FYI: Sen. Hill Responds to Daily News Gubernatorial Story


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Feb. 26, 2006 – In a response to Thursday's Daily News story, Senator Louis Patrick Hill said that he is flattered to be included in a list of potential gubernatorial candidates but he flatly discounted any such bid for office of the governor.
Senator Hill's statements were made after the suggestion in Thursday's Daily News that he was seriously considering entering the 2006 Governor's race. "I take great pleasure in my work at the Legislature. Very simply, I love my job. I have been blessed by the confidence, which our people have bestowed on me and I am fully engaged right now in the business of the Legislature. As Chairman of the Committee on Finance, I have begun reforming our Post Audit Division to insure they have the proper tools and personnel to audit the financial affairs of every government department and agency, as is their mandate. Comprehensive auditing combined with a good relationship with the Office of Management and Budget and Department of Finance will allow for better management of our government revenues."
"By making this announcement, I hope I will help our people focus on the excellent candidates which we do have. I intend to run for a senatorial seat as a Democrat in the 27th Legislature and will continue to faithfully and impartially impart my duties as a Senator."


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