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The Quality of Phone Service is Strained


It is nearly beyond belief that the level of telephone service in the Virgin Islands is improving judging from my living here full time for two years. While better than the 3rd World, our phone service is certainly not 1st World, though our bills are first world. There is absolutely no question that the leadership of Innovative has little understanding that improving their service while a cost (investment) will lead to not only increased revenues and profits for themselves personally but increasing wealth and satisfaction for all us users of their so-called service. Their behavior is indicative of their using an anachronistic, out-dated, once sort of effective business model. I don't think or feel it is appropriate to spend much, if any time, placing blame or pointing fingers at those individuals or companies as you can't reasonably or fairly blame someone too much for what they never knew or were never exposed to. Rather to instead focus on how to help them get up to speed on more current cooperative marketing oriented business models so that we all can listen to each other more effectively, happily and peacefully. I would think that they are capable of learning, and I hope they are amenable to such training were such a direction to be taken. Is it time to set the sails for a new horizon?

Kevin Mckeigue
Frederiksted, V.I.

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