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Christiansen is Right About a CFO


Dear Source:
It is not a backwards mentality to look for real solutions to problems that continue to exist year after year. It is a mentality of courage to say enough is enough we need real solutions, real accountability. We are in an enclosed community where everyone knows everyone unlike New Jersey. It is too easy to let things slide on the basis of who knows who. We are all aware on the street of how much of a problem that is here on the islands.
Too many things are outdated in the ways they are being done. The fiscal structure needs major revamping. Leaders and Dept. managements are not held as accountable as they should be. Too many have excuses for why things are the way they are still.
If I went into a Dept. to run it and found I didn't have staff that had management team skills, didn't have adequate technology equipment, couldn't answer every question about my Dept.'s fiscal situations, etc, I wouldn't have to wait for the Legislature to call for a meeting to find out I had problems. I would be knocking on their door telling them what the problems were that I found and why am having problems getting them solved. If anything hampered my ability to turn around a Dept., to make it more efficient, my voice would be heard. We need to hear the voices as to why the problems keep existing and what help is needed to change them. We don't hear the real problems; we hear excuses.
An in depth evaluation needs to be done at every level. We need to know the skills, the equipments, the software, the procedures in place or not, who is responsible for what exactly within each Dept. We have workers who are willing to learn and grow and do the right things. We need management that can lead them into this 21st century.
In the recent months I have seen some of the problems up close from inside and they have raised grave concerns to me as a native…as to why problems do exist and will continue to exist.
A CFO is needed with serious accountability in identifying the problems.
We need changes, serious changes. If a CFO is a start then I say go with it. If that doesn't work then come up with another plan and another until real changes take place.
Carol Berry
St. Thomas

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