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The Government Could Reduce Fuel Prices More


As anyone can clearly see the high price of fuel is due to retailers who are making around $0.80 a gallon. On the main land most retailers make around $0.08 per gallon. I know that the retailers have to add 4% gross receipt tax, about $0.08 per gallon, and we pay more here for power, I'll be generous and add another $0.10 per gallon for power. I think that a profit and overhead around $0.25 per gallon. I come up with a grand total of $0.43 per gallon plus the wholesale price of $1.68 per gallon and we should not be paying more than $2.11 per gallon. Every time I fill up at the gas station I get around 18-20 gallons of gas and at the current price of $2.48 per gallon I pay almost $ 50.00 and the retailer gets a profit of about $16.00. That's right $16.00 from just me. If the retailer charged around the $2.11 per gallon his profit would be around $8.00.So if the V.I. Government really wants to help us out with the high cost of gas the best place to start is at the pump. Thank you,
R. Greenough
St. Croix

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