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He Asks About Murder in the Virgin Islands


Dear Source:
A member of my family, Blair Shannon, was murdered in his hotel room 01/20/06. There have been no arrests and no suspects. There has been very little contact with the grieving family to keep them abreast of progress in the case. After reading this article about Commissioner Lewis, I read some previous articles from your paper about the murder rate on your island. I became angry. Your country has been on an exponential climb in crime and murder since 2001 yet no one is talking about it. This looks like a systematic problem of complacency so as not to disturb the tourism trade.
Blacks are murdered but no arrests are ever made? It would seem that with the crime increase that a special commission would be set up focused on the problem. However nothing has been done. This smells of drugs, gangs and corruption across the board from the top to the bottom. Your island is not safe for your community; how can it be safe for visitors?
Come into the new millennium and seek help from the United States FBI since you cannot handle these crimes.
Albert Brantley Jr.
Cincinnati, Ohio

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